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So we know that we exist because of the River Brue and that our 'water caravans' live in it but do we know the history of the river? What follows is the history & background surrounding the River Brue. The abstracts below are taken from Wikipedia. The River Brue originates in the parish of Brewham in Somerset, England, and reaches the sea some 50 kilometres (31 mi) west at Burnham-on-Sea. It originally took a different route from Glastonbury to the sea, but this was changed by Glastonbury Abbey in the twelfth century. The river provides an important drainage route for water from a low-lying area which is prone to flooding which man has tried to manage through rhynes, canals, artificial river

The Brue Blaster

The Club decided to make an investment in the engineering and manufacturing of a barge that could not only serve the Club for many years to come but also to save on costly river dredging and 'mud shifting'. The River Brue is a home to many of the Clubs vessels but like many rivers has a tendency to silt up and move. Plans were drawn up in 2015 and then the hard work started. Drawing on the skills and expertise of the Clubs engineers the Brue Blaster was manufactured and finally launched for the 2017 Season. It comprises a steel built 8 tonnes barge driven by an inboard and incorporates a pump which cuts through the mud bank of the River Brue. It is credit to all those involved in the project

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