Membership Fees

The club has some 120 members from all walks of life. Due to the fact we are a self-help club we are able to keep our fees very reasonable. We are able to draw on a wide area of skills. To achieve this everyone is expected to be join in our work parties. These are held monthly, publicised on our Calendar, and Programme on this web site. We would expect all members to attend at least 4 work parties a year, and attend crane in events. Whilst we are predominately a sailing club we welcome owners of all types of craft, sailing, fishing, and motor cruisers. In addition the club now owns its first Cornish Pilot Gig and welcomes new rowers. The emphasis is getting afloat. Applications for membership should be made to the Membership Secretary, however in the first instance applicants are encouraged to attend the Clubhouse on a Wednesday evening, or Sunday Dinner time when Officers of the Club are usually available to assist with enquiries.

At the AGM on Wednesday 17th February 2016 all joining fees were removed. We hope that this decision brings the club more in line with being open and affordable for all. In the first year of joining, members may join on 1st January, and will not have to renew their membership until the 1st April (the clubs normal renewal date) in the following year. Thereafter the membership is renewed annually

Scale of Fees: 


Compound Storage Costs:

For more information please contact the Membership Secretary Dave Jackson Tel 01527 833503 / 07511 380373 email to