This weekend saw a successful start to our 73rd Annual Regatta with 13 yachts and two gigs taking part. Club members images are shown below and we received a good write-up on

Race report provided below by David Barrett Sailing Master

Regatta Sailing

In the first two races winds were predominantly from the south with Merlin  first, Super Sapphire 2nd and Enchanta 3rd. The final result is based on the best 2 of 3 races (i.e. 1 discard) plus the pursuit result on the 22nd August.


A big thank you to Mike Clarke for taking on the difficult role of Race Officer, assisted by Maria & others and to Pete Wright for allowing the use of Skerries II as the committee boat and keeping all aboard fed & watered.

Regatta Rowing

Our Gigs were out on Saturday and Sunday rowing a time-trial over a fixed course. Results were:

  • Saturday JC with 5 rowers + cox and set the time to beat at 14 min 50 sec.

  • Sunday saw the newly painted Brue with full crew and Graham Wills coxing came in at an impressive 10:42.

  • JC was also out with a full crew and Tony Gore coxing, they came in a hair behind at 10:48 - a great result for a heavier boat