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Have you ever fallen off your boat or the pontoon and into the water? How do you get back on to your boat, or on to the pontoon? If no one is around when the accident happens then you have to rely on your own resources. The sea temperature in March is around 9 deg C. If you do not get out quickly the cold will absorb all your energy, and you will soon tire. Most people who have fallen in find they lack the strength to pull themselves out of the water on to the pontoon above their head. What is the solution?

  • Whenever on the pontoon and for whatever purpose it is advisable to wear a lifejacket, automatic type preferably. This will buy you time and increase your buoyancy.

  • If you are manoeuvring your boat get a second person to help you. Make good use of warps and always keep a least one warp attached to the pontoon and your boat.

  • Ensure the area you are in is well lit.

  • Install a fixed boarding ladder (best option) or soft ladder to your boat that you can easily deploy if in the water.

  • The sailing club has purchased four boarding ladders and mounting points, however the ladders will be stored on the pontoon and will be deployed as necessary.

  • If unfortunately you experience an accident please make an entry in the accident book in the Stop Gap

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