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We operate a season long racing programme where members can participate on the times & dates of each race specified within the racing programme issued by the Sailing Master (see Club Contacts in nav bar above for whom to liaise with).

For those new to the world of sailboat racing the races are normally held within Bridgwater Bay in front of the clubhouse and members are asked to meet in the compound in front of the Stop Gap 2 hours ahead of high water to confirm their registration and to adhere to the racing chart.

Race times are recorded and handicaps are reflected within the results. Awards & cups are then presented at the annual regatta to all of the race winners.

The race results are normally published by the Sailing Master as the season progresses.

Download the latest Club Watersports Programme here!


  • Be in the yard between 60 and 45 minutes before the start time to sign on and familiarise yourself with the course;

  • And sailing on or behind our start line at least 5 minutes before the start time; 

  • Engines off 5 minutes before the start;

  • And remember to note your finish time and text it to the Sailing Master (see Club Contacts in nav bar above for whom to liaise with).

Download the 2 Tider Racing Guide here!

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